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Make short URLs using our URL shortener. (Try live demo without registration)


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How to shorten URLs?

Sign in to publisher's panel and select 'URL Shortener' tool in the main menu. Use it to generate short URLs. Try live demo below to see how it works.

Live demo

Url to shorten: Enter correct url, i.e. https://google.com Ad formats: Select at least one option
Ad type:
Well done! Your short url is: Now you can publish this url on websites, forums and social networks, etc*. Each visit will produce some money for you.

Earn up to $25 per 1000 visits.

NOTE: this url was generated for demo purposes only and it will not take any real effect. To get real URLs and earn real money, register at publishers.clickadilla.com

Make money easily!

Earn up to $25 per 1000 clicks

How it works? Usage cases

In most cases internet link (URL) points directly to web page, file or other resource. Using Clickadilla Url Shortener, you'll get a new short URL, that points to intermediate ad page, and then redirects to the target resource. Clicks on that URL will generate money for you.

Short URL
Monetization page Intermediate
Target page or file

Cases for sites and web services owners

Got a website or service with content valuable to the end user? Make it generate extra revenue - without deploying aggressive ad formats onto your site (SEO friendly)! Mass shorten script, API available for advanced integrations.

Cases for internet users

No Website? Not a Problem! Just post the right (shortened) link in the right place - and earn some cash!

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